What We Do

Reasearch Work

SocialSense – Large language model based social media comments classification Click here to watch the video.

ShotSense – AI based cricket batting coach app

Wasail – ML based demand forecasting for grocery stores

EO & GBD - Combining Earth Observation data and GIS to analyze environmental factors impacting public health and assess the Global Burden of Disease

Urban Green Spaces - Investigating urban green spaces to enhance public health and well-being in major cities.

POIs (Affected Schools and Hospitals) - Improving infrastructure resilience by analyzing environmental impacts on educational and healthcare facilities.

Pollution sources - Utilizing AI and satellite imagery to detect pollution sources, aiding in environmental protection.

Trash Detection - Developing AI-powered solutions for urban trash management to keep our cities clean.

Poverty Mapping - Using satellite data and socioeconomic indicators to map poverty levels and guide targeted interventions.

Deforestation Trends-Monitoring Forest trends with remote sensing and AI to support conservation efforts.

Mall Management System - AI powered people counting and car plate detection

Implementing AI-based systems for effective vehicular traffic management in urban areas.

Tax Collection - Using Nighttime lights to check tax collection

Firearms Detection-Enhancing public safety with AI algorithms that detect firearms in real-time across various environments.

Expense Tracking - Utilizing AI for advanced financial management and expense tracking.

Churn Prediction - Predicting app user churn with AI to help developers retain users effectively.

Personality Detection - Pre-evaluated efficiency resources personality detection using questionnaire, images, and handwriting sample.

AI Leads

Usman Nazir successfully completed his split-site Ph.D. in Computer Science through a collaborative program between Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in Pakistan and the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. Currently holding the position of Assistant Professor at Beaconhouse National University (BNU), he previously served as a research associate at LUMS. During this time, he actively participated in impactful initiatives, ranging from poverty mapping to climate crisis mitigation, often collaborating with the University of Oxford, UK. His commitment to utilizing technology for societal improvement is evident in his contributions toward advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. Noteworthy milestones in his career include receiving the Facebook CV4GC award and publishing research in esteemed journals and conferences. For more information about Usman and his work, please visit his website: https://usmanweb.github.io/

Usman Nazir

Ms. Huda Sarfraz brings nearly two decades of extensive experience in research and academia, specializing in speech and natural language processing. She has been a faculty member at the School of Computer and IT at Beaconhouse National University since 2012, where she has made significant contributions to the academic community by teaching advanced courses in Artificial Intelligence and supervising several final year projects by BSc. Computer Science students, including Machine Learning and Large Language Model based projects. A committed advocate for open-source initiatives, including democratic and open source AI technologies, Ms. Sarfraz actively participates in the Mozilla Common Voice Project, an initiative dedicated to creating free and accessible resources for speech technology research and applications. Ms. Sarfraz's career includes foundational work at the Center for Research in Urdu Language Processing at FAST-NU Lahore (2005-2010) and the Center for Language Engineering at Al-Khawarizmi Institute of Computer Science, University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore (2010-2012). During this period, she worked on speech technology projects for local languages, collaborating with renowned institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University, USA and Universal Communication Research Institute, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), Japan.

Huda Sarfraz

Research Team

Wahab Sami, an undergraduate student at the prestigious Beaconhouse National University, is currently focused on the field of artificial intelligence. He has developed a model that predicts malaria, a significant achievement made possible by the advanced AI research labs provided by the university.

Wahab Sami

Team Member

Raahim Arbaz is an undergraduate student in Computer Science at BNU. He has a strong academic background, completing O and A Levels in Computer Science. Currently, Raahim is actively involved in a collaborative AI research project on the burden of diseases, aiming to address... Read More


Raahim Arbaz

Team Member

Amna Mazhar, a third year resident at Beaconhouse National University, with her centre of focus being an AI researcher. Has a knack for numbers and calculations of any sort, and can’t be kept away once challenged to do even the menial of tasks. Has always been keen to learn ... Read More


Amna Mazhar

Team Member

Amber is a Computer Science student at BNU and a researcher in the AI Lab. She has always been a curious mind, fascinated by how things work and driven by a desire to solve complex problems. This innate curiosity has led her to develop strong skills in logic building and analytical thinking... Read More



Team Member

Rusham is a third-year Computer Science student at BNU, fully immersed in the field of AI. At our lab in BNU, she is involved in pioneering research, specifically focused on detecting flood-affected areas in Punjab and Sindh using various AI algorithms. Furthermore, she is broadening her research... Read More



Team Member

Meet Tehreem Fatima, a third-year computer science student at Beaconhouse National University, who is enthusiastic about leveraging technology for social good. She is directing efforts to detect flood-affected areas in Pakistan, using sophisticated feature extraction techniques such as... Read More

Tehreem Fatima

Team Member

Zoha Ajmal is a software engineering student at BNU and an active researcher in the field of disaster management in AI Lab. With a strong passion for technology & innovation, she is currently involved in a project titled Flood Affected Population and Infrastructure, focusing on leveraging... Read More

Zoha Ajmal

Team Member

Vania Khurshid, a dedicated Software Engineering student at BNU, is deeply involved in research at the AI Lab. With a profound interest in machine learning, she is currently dedicated to a project aimed at assessing the impact of floods on schools and hospitals across Pakistan. Leveraging Earth... Read More

Vania Khurshid

Team Member

Huma Farooq is a dedicated Computer Science student at Beaconhouse National University and a researcher in the AI Lab. With a strong foundation in this field since her A-levels, she has developed a keen interest in machine learning and its real-world applications. She is currently working on the project... Read More

Huma Farooq

Team Member

Muhammad Talha is a UI Designer working for UXHuts despite being a student of final year SCIT. However, with a growing interest in Artificial Intelligence, he is working on pre evaluated efficiency resources model for user’s personality evaluation, where his primary task is to design and integrate AI tools... Read More

Muhammad Talha

Team Member

Mohammad Shehryar Sohail is an ambitious computer science student at Beaconhouse National University (BNU). With a passion for AI, machine learning, and data science, he excels in academic projects that solve real-world problems. His goal is to harness technology for innovative solutions... Read More

Mohammad Shehryar

Team Member

Fatima Ali Tirmizi is a recent Computer Science graduate from Beaconhouse National University. For her final year project, she developed "Wasail," a demand forecasting system that uses machine learning to predict the exact amount of products to order, thereby avoiding understocking... Read More

Fatima Ali Tirmizi

Team Member

Fizza Adeel, a recent graduate from Beaconhouse National University, has dedicated her academic journey to advancing the field of artificial intelligence. Her notable project, "Wasail," is a machine learning-based demand forecasting system designed to predict market needs with... Read More

Fizza Adeel

Team Member

Irtaza Ahmed Khan, a recent graduate in Computer Science from Beaconhouse National University, specialized in Data Science, bringing a robust skill set in time series analysis, machine learning, and data analytics. His final year project, "Wasail," is a sophisticated demand... Read More

Irtaza Ahmed Khan

Team Member

Malaika Sultan Tiwana, a recent graduate in Computer Science specializing in Artificial Intelligence, excels in data analytics, predictive analytics, and business intelligence. Her thesis project, "Wasail," employed advanced machine learning to forecast demand in Pakistan's... Read More

Malaika Sultan Tiwana

Team Member

Ibraheem Omer is an accomplished researcher and developer specializing in the fine-tuning and deployment of large language models (LLMs) for practical applications. He has expertly fine-tuned LLMs to classify social media comments in real-time with the help of Chrome extension... Read More

Ibraheem Omer

Team Member

Ayesha Rehman, a final-year Software Engineering student at Beaconhouse National University, is an emerging AI researcher specializing in deep learning and computer vision under Dr. Usman Nazir. She focuses on AI projects like real-time firearm detection for public safety, proficient in Python, TensorFlow, and PyTorch

Ayesha Rehman

Team Member

About Us

The Center for AI Research (CAIR) is a premier AI graduate research lab at BNU, dedicated to advancing the field of artificial intelligence. Under the expert leadership of

Dr. Usman, Ms. Aruj, and Ms. Huda, the lab is at the forefront of pioneering research that addresses some of the most pressing challenges of our time.

Our current research portfolio primarily focuses on several critical areas:

  1. [Geo-AI] Geospatial Analysis and Environmental Monitoring: Utilizing AI for advanced geospatial analysis and monitoring environmental changes.
  2. [Vision-AI] Computer Vision and Image Processing: Developing innovative computer vision techniques and image processing algorithms.
  3. [Predict-AI] Predictive Analysis and Behavioral Analysis: Creating predictive models to analyze and forecast behaviors and trends.
  4. [ML-Efficiency] Efficient Machine Learning Algorithms: Designing and optimizing machine learning algorithms to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness.
  5. [AI-Policy] AI Policy: Led by Ms. Aruj, this research area focuses on developing and implementing AI policies to ensure ethical standards and societal benefits in the deployment of AI technologies.

The Center for AI Research at BNU is committed to fostering a collaborative environment where cutting-edge research can thrive, contributing to both academic advancements and practical solutions for global challenges.